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Fertility Treatment Czech Republic

Tom Adamov

Dear patients,

ARLETA IVF Ltd is a London based foreign department of ARLETA IVF s.r.o. (Czech Republic) and it's role is to arrange, organize and coordinate fertility treatment in the Czech Republic.

Fertility treatment is always carried out in the Czech Republic by ARLETA IVF s.r.o. The reproductive medicine centre specializes in Egg Donation IVF, IVF with Own Eggs and Embryo Adoption, among others, all of them with an outstanding personal approach and impressive success rates.

With the guaranty of no payment on top here you can find the ALL INCLUSIVE package which includes, except for air tickets, all what is needed during treatment, even all prescribed medication.

To make your cycle comfortable and stress-free treatment is fully coordinated by ARLETA IVF Ltd as an agent and a treated couple stays in beautiful Prague to combine treatment and enjoyable moments, too.

Tom Adamov

What we offer

IVF Own Eggs


  • Outstanding individual approach and care
  • ISO 9001:2009 accreditation
  • Cost-effective, certainly cheaper than in the UK
  • Good results
  • ULTRA ALL INCLUSIVE package includes literally everything - air tickets, accommodation, transportation and much more ...
  • Guaranty of no payment on top of the packages
  • [+] more ...

Egg Donation IVF


  • Immediately available egg donors database
  • No waiting time for donors
  • Guaranty of 3rd cycle for free if you don't get pregnant in previous cycles
  • Guaranty of no payment on top of the packages
  • ULTRA ALL INCLUSIVE package includes literally everything
  • Outstanding individual approach and care
  • For you a donor is anonymous according to the law
  • Impressive results
  • [+] more ...

Embryo Adoption


  • Outstanding individual approach and care
  • No waiting time - embryos are ready immediatelly
  • For you donors are anonymous according to the law
  • Guaranty of 2 top quality embryos
  • We never use supernumerary embryos released by previously treated couples
  • ULTRA ALL INCLUSIVE package includes literally everything
  • Guaranty of no payment on top of the packages
  • [+] more ...

Independent Reviews on Trustpilot

5 stars
Helen Coventry

Excellent service, commitment and assistance.

We investigated a lot of companies abroad for IVF. We selected Arleta, based on previous reviews from couples, success rates, and overall cost. Right from our initial enquiry to completion of our treatment we felt we were supported 100% all the time. Our questions , queries and any fears we had were always answered promptly and excellent guidance provided in relation to medication. We underwent 2 rounds of IVF and both resulted in positive pregnancies. Unfortunately the 1st pregnancy ended at 6 weeks, however our second resulted in the birth of our beautiful baby boy this September 2015. We cannot recommend this company and its staff highly enough - excellent, professional, and truly caring people.
5 stars

Good and professionel care

A lot of contacts through email with a fantastic coordinator. Answered all questions. Two visits, both very secure. Picked up exactly in time, taken care of, with food and beverages. In the clinic, very professionel reception, welcoming. The doctor made a very professionel impression. It was easy to understand the doctor and easy to ask and have a discussion. The choice of donor we left to the coordinator. Fantastic to be able to follow the embryos over the internet! Only two embryos of ten mature eggs survived and was high rated, I got those two, and now I am pregnant, very early, but yet! We have done several treatments in Sweden, one sucsessful, but several without result.
5 stars

Fantastic Team & individualised care

My result was not successful, but I still recommend the service. Nothing was too much trouble. Tom coordinates everything, no stress for you at all. I felt protected and cared for throughout. I would recommend to anyone. The clinic is clean and staff are really friendly and also know what they are doing.
more reviews ...

Flights to Prague


Unique Online Egg Donors Database

For those who need an egg donation we've launched an online egg donors database of our active donors. The purpose of such a concept is you could consider a suitable donor comfortably while you are at home.

immediately available egg donors database



Method ISM-ET

A new method ISM-ET has been implemented - increase of the implantation chance by 20%. We took part in an international conference ESHRE in London. Leading experts confirmed a profit in methods like selection of sperms for assisted fertilization (PICSI), benefits in selection of embryos prior to the transfer using a method called time lapse and also monitoring what kind of material the embryo itself produces into the cultivation medium. Both above mentioned methods - PICSI and online monitoring of the embryos from fertilization till the transfer (using the program Primo Vision) are successfully used in our laboratory. Newly since August we have also been orientating on the third influencing point - what the embryos produce into the cultivation medium.

Incubator in the embryological laboratory substitutes the environment and function of the ovarian tubes during the first 4 days after fertilization. During this time the embryo "communicates" with its environment using specific substances - mediators, which prepare in advance the endometrium for accepting the embryo. If we implement similar Implantation Support Medium artificially into layers of the endometrium in 48 - 72 hours after fertilization the chance for the woman to get pregnant increases by 20%.

Execution: The ISM intervention is done using exactly the same catheter which is used during a transfer. It is performed in 48 - 72 hours after punctuation of ovaries. The ISM includes mediators which naturally prepare the endometrium for acceptance of embryo/s. We perform the process using ultrasound scan in the area of an operating room. There is no need to stay in bed after the intervention. A transfer is performed approximately on the 5th or 6th day after the punctuation. Another advantage is that instantly prior to an embryotransfer we insert a catheter into the uterus, which increases the chance of a smooth embryotransfer a few days later.


What clients say

I've just got back from arleta and I can't begin to find words that will express how wonderful they were. Their package is exactly what it says on the website. They treated us with respect and made us feel special. Tom was unconditionally supportive and informative. The efforts he went to make us feel comfortable and welcome was priceless. The apartments they provide are super comfy and central to Prague. Tom went over and above his duties to accommodate us. Dr dolezal is a sweety, warm, friendly and reassuring. The quality of service from arleta is beyond any experience we've had in the UK. I'm in my second day of my two week wait and so I don't know if I'm pregnant. No matter what my results are I would wholeheartedly recommend Arleta over and above any other clinic in the world. If you want the personal, honest and supportive IVF journey then do check out Arleta. There's a totem pole in the arleta garden which Dr Dolezal made himself for the arleta annual children's party. Each year they have a different theme and this year it's a zoo. All the staff will be dressed as animals. I mention this because Arleta is more than a IVF factory it's a community and family centred place that values it's staff and clients, past and present. Choosing the right clinic is daunting and a huge risk with a cost. So I took that risk and was overwhelmed with my experience. It's all a personal choice but I would suggest you give Tom a ring at arleta before choosing any other clinic. He's not a salesman but an understanding , informative support who will do his upmost to make your IVF journey comfortable.
Yasmin, 44
My husband and I first visited this clinic in Czech in January 2013. After a very long journey of 7 years through infertility and a lot of money spent through IVF in the UK naturally we were anxious about the egg donor procedure as this was going to be our last attempt. I cannot praise the hospitality and professional care that we were expressed throughout this process enough both by the clinic and Tom who immediately took care of all our needs. We were treated with the utmost care and respect. We visited again in May when the donor egg transfer process took place. We stayed a little longer than expected due to a slight complication from our side but even this was not a problem for Tom or the clinic who again took care of all our needs. We had 2 embryos transferred and have been blessed with twins now due in February. The Primo vision at the time was not included in the package but this process allowed the clinic to select the top quality eggs that were transferred and this was god sent at the time as non of the other embryos survived so we had the best chance of success from the start. There were no hidden costs and even with the distance during the process the communication from the clinic was excellent and very personal which made us both feel confident and relaxed that everything was taken care of. I am so happy to have found this clinic and would highly recommend it.
Lynn, 43
I can't recommend this company enough. I went to Prague 7 weeks ago and am now pregnant with twins. Amazing company and we are extremely happy after 3 years of trying. Im 43 and thought we wouldnt get here but I can't recommend this company enough.
Ladybird, 43
What can I say about this clinic......well I have never in my life been treated with such respect, consideration, empathy and kindness in the medical world until I attended Prague. Tom, was a god send, he really was our guardian angel whilst we were here. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he took ALL of the stress and worry away from us whilst we were concentrating on our treatment... If firsts impressions count then this company and the way they treat you as an individual and a human being are first class and I would strongly recommend them to anyone wanting to undergo IVF treatment. Looking forward to seeing Tom and the gang at the clinic again really soon and here's hoping that the IVF works for us as so far in England , after spending thousands of pounds and a year or treatment we have had no luck at all.
Kelly, 35
My experience thus far with the level of care of all the people that my husband and I have received on our journey thus far with Prague has been exceptional. We first visited Prague in December and met with the representative. He was more that accommodating and helpful during our stay. The package is very good and definitely what they state on the website. The clinic was very welcoming and clean and the doctor very good with me. We returned in March for a fresh egg transfer. We transferred 2 A grade 8 cell embryos. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful this time. The clinic promises 2nd fresh transfer when following the egg donation route, and we are hopeful that our next cycle will be successful. On a positive note we will get to visit Prague in warmer weather. :) The staff at the clinic are very professional and welcoming. My husband and I feel that we have found a friend for life. I would highly recommend this clinic despite our negative outcome on conceiving a baby at present.
Swizzy, 43


ISO 9001:2009
ISO 9001:2009
ISO 9001:2009
ISO 9001:2009
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